According to Ukrainian media, US-aided M142 HIMARS rocket artillery systems have begun to fight in this country.

The video shows an M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) deployed by the Ukrainian military at an unknown location. After detecting the enemy’s position, the M142’s combat crew made a lightning attack with a barrage of missiles.

The M142 HIMARS is a multiple rocket launcher designed by the US defense corporation Lockheed Martin and put into service in the military in the early 2000s. The total tonnage of HIMARS, including trucks and launchers is 10 ,88 tons; 7m long; 2.4 wide; 3.2m high. The crew consists of 3 people including the commander, gunner and driver.

HIMARS uses an American FMTV truck chassis equipped with a Caterpillar 3115 ATAAC diesel engine with 290 hp. As a result, the vehicle speed can reach 85 km / h in flat terrain and the range is 480 km.

The type of missile used by HIMARS has a diameter of 227mm; weight 307kg, of which the warhead weighs 120kg. The firing range of HIMARS when using normal ammunition is 40km. However, with the new generation of increased range ammunition, the range of this weapon can reach 60-100km.


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