VN22 looks and has almost identical configuration with the US Stryker

At the 2021 Zhuhai Air Show, China’s NORINCO unveiled the VN22, a new 6×6 wheeled armored vehicle with a design similar to current European armored vehicles. According to images from Chinese media, VN22 looks and has almost identical configuration with the US Stryker. The Chinese descriptions of the vehicle’s mission scope also mirror those described by U.S. Army ground vehicle commanders.

The design of the VN22 consists of three main parts with the driver located at the front left side of the hull with the engine compartment on its right. An unmanned turret is mounted in the center of the hull and the troop’s compartment is at the rear.

According to Chinese military sources, the front of the hull provides ballistic protection against the firing of 25 mm caliber ammunition while all around the hull is able to withstand the firing of small arms up to 14.5mm caliber.

The VN22 is equipped with a remotely operated turret which is fitted with additional armor protection to increase protection against anti-tank missiles and RPGs. The front left side of the turret is fitted with an optic including a day/night camera as well as a laser range finder. The turret is armed with a 30mm automatic cannon. The right side of the top turret is fitted with two missile launchers able to fire second-generation Red Arrow 73D anti-tank missiles. In road position, the missiles are stored inside the armor of the turret and can be elevated to conduct firing operations. The roof of the turret is also fitted with a group of two launchers which are part of an Active Protection System.

Despite all these apparent similarities, and China’s well-known and documented tendency to copy U.S. weapons specs and configurations, the vehicles may also have differences. Operating with six wheels instead of the eight on the U.S. Stryker, the VN22 is reported to achieve great maneuverability due to its having a smaller pivot radius and turning circle.


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