The VPK-7829 Boomerang K-17 IFV is designed to engage mobile and stationary ground targets, low-flying aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

For many years, amphibious armored vehicles have remained the main combat vehicles, providing fire support for Russia’s marines and motorized infantry. With many major upgrades, many types of Russian BTR armored vehicles have been exported, participating in many battlefields. Boomerang VPK-7829 is a modular amphibious wheeled infantry fighting vehicle and armored personnel carrier being developed by Russian Military Industrial Company for the Russian Army.

The first product was the K-16 armored personnel carrier, which was first presented to the public at the Moscow Victory Parade on May 9, 2015. Exactly one year later, the K-17 infantry fighting vehicle was born in 2016. In 2019, these vehicles were adopted into Russian military equipment to supplement and replace the obsolete BTR-80 vehicles. Now “Boomerang” has received an export license and can be supplied to foreign customers by Rosoboronexport.

VPK-7829 Boomerang K-17
VPK-7829 Boomerang K-17

Basically, the K-16 Bumerang is an APC version, with a remote weapon station with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun. Whereas the K-17 is an IFV version with a 30mm cannon. The IFV is designed to engage mobile and stationary ground targets, low-flying aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. Further versions could include a light tank, a version with 57 mm autocannon as well as version with a 125 mm gun for use as a self-propelled anti-tank gun, and a self-propelled gun.

The K-17 infantry fighting vehicle is manned by three crew members including a commander, a gunner and a driver. It has the capacity to carry up to eight infantrymen in the troop compartment. The gunner’s sight and commander’s sight of the vehicle will be combined with independent stabilisation of the field of view in two planes. Troops can embark and disembark through a hinged ramp in the rear of the hull. The vehicle features blast-resistant seats with a delivery link and five-point seat belts. The Boomerang is fitted with a power pack at the front, with a 510 hp UTD-32TR turbocharged diesel engine. The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h, an operating range of 800 km. The K-17 uses V-shaped technology for the hull, that protects occupants by deflecting mine blasts anywhere under the vehicle. The Bumerang can carry a total of 10 soldiers, including driver, commander, gunner and 7 infantrymen. The hull provides protection against firing of small arms and shell splinters. In addition to this, Bumerang is also equipped with bolt-on ceramic armor which offers all-around protection against 14.5 mm, armor-piercing ammunition, and artillery fragments from 152 mm rounds.


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