Admiral Essen frigate is one of the most powerful classes of the Russian Navy up to the present time.

Accordingly, Admiral Essen left her home port in the Eastern Mediterranean – where the frigate was previously deployed to support the Syrian front. The addition of a modern Russian frigate to the Black Sea fleet will likely change the situation in this region, the balance of forces will continue to be consolidated by the Russian side.

According to the latest information, the Admiral Essen frigate will dock at Sevastopol port to receive supplies. After that, it will join the Russian combat formation, ready to chase US and NATO warships in the region. The weapon system on the Admiral Essen frigate is said to be capable of creating a turning point for the competition between Russia and NATO in the Black Sea region.

Admiral Essen frigate
Admiral Essen frigate

Specifically, Admiral Essen’s weapon system includes a 100mm A-190 naval gun, 8 vertical launch cells that can deploy Kalibr, Onkis or even Zircon missiles. In addition, this modern Russian warship also has 24 vertical launch cells for surface-to-air missiles, compatible with 9M317 missiles. Close-range weapons are 2 AK-630 CIWSs, 8 Igla or Verba small anti-aircraft missile launchers. Anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare are four 533mm torpedo tubes and one RBU-6000 system. Essen’s versatility would be an advantage for the Russian navy in the event of a clash.

Russia’s TASS news agency also reported that, during the Sea Breeze 2021 between the US and NATO, a series of powerful warships of the Black Sea fleet, along with S-400 and Pantsir-S missile complexes, will participate in a two-week exercise. Meanwhile, the NATO exercise, involving 33 countries, with a total of about 5,000 personnel, 40 fighters and 32 warships, is considered the largest joint maritime exercise in Europe since 1997.


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