According to DefenseXP Network, the Philippines will become the first country in Southeast Asia to own the Indian BrahMos anti-ship missile.

Unlike other supersonic cruise missiles, BrahMos can sustain supersonic speeds during flight and reaches Mach 3.5 (4,300 km/h) in the final stage.

The BrahMos anti-ship missile carries a 200 kg warhead with a maximum range of up to 600 km and can be launched from land, air and warships. With a speed of up to Mach 3.5, the missile has a huge kinetic energy, enough to paralyze enemy warships with just one shot.

BrahMos missile
BrahMos missile

But why did the Philippines buy the BrahMos missile when there was a Joint Defense Treaty between the US and the Philippines, signed on August 30, 1951? In the spirit of this Treaty, the United States will provide military assistance to the Philippines.

The most important aspect of the Treaty was that any attack on the Philippines would be considered an attack on the US, and vice versa. There are also US military bases in the Philippines, where thousands of US soldiers are stationed. This Joint Defense Treaty alone is enough to protect the Philippines, because of the US military strength, hardly any country dares to attack the Philippines. So why does the Philippines have to buy the world’s best cruise missile?

So the Philippines hopes the BrahMos missile will act as a deterrent to any Chinese warships. Therefore, the Philippines buys BrahMos missiles to help protect its territory from attack in the event of any future conflict.

From an economic point of view, the sale of the BrahMos missile to the Philippines is a win-win. Strategically, India has fired an arrow on two targets, first of all to put pressure on China’s South China Sea strategy. And the handover of BrahMos to the Philippines is a clear signal to China.

With BrahMos, the Philippines can challenge China’s dominant position in the region, and increase Indian influence in the region. The only thing that India needs to pay attention to, is that it must protect the sensitive data of the BrahMos missile, to avoid falling into the hands of opponents.


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