After a long time implementing the strategy of “hiding and waiting for time”, China has expressed its ambition to become a great power

According to data released by China’s Ministry of Finance, the Chinese military will receive 1.35 trillion yuan ($208.58 billion) in the new fiscal year. In his speech, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said, efforts to consolidate and modernize the Chinese Military will continue. Mr. Li Keqiang pledged to enhance the PLA’s equipment and combat readiness with the latest scientific and technological achievements, but did not disclose specific details.

The announcement of an increase in the defense budget comes after an eventful year for the PLA. In 2020, Chinese Army forces clashed with Indian troops in the border area, resulting in the loss of both sides, though “no gunshots” broke out.

Chinese Navy
Chinese Navy

China continues its massive military modernization program in all services of its Army; in which to attach importance to accelerating the modernization of the navy and air force in order to catch up with the US.

In the seas, especially the Taiwan Strait, East China Sea and South China Sea, China continues to take military action. For example, the maneuver of aircraft to patrol continuously around Taiwan, and live-fire drills in the South China Sea, causing tension.

China’s continued increase in military spending is said to cause further concern for countries in the region. In the East China Sea, South china sea, China increasingly works to challenge sovereignty. Most recently, the Chinese National Assembly has passed a new law that allows the country’s maritime forces to open fire to attack foreign ships in disputed waters.

The focus of naval modernization has helped the Chinese navy to make great strides. In less than a decade the PLAN has owned two aircraft carriers, and equipped with the cruiser Type 055, with a full load displacement of 13,000 tons.

Satellite images show that two of the three recently entered service type 055 class cruisers were located at a naval base near Sanya on Hainan Island and were both part of the Nanhai Fleet.


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