The Indonesian Air Force ranks 28th in the world. The fighter force of this country is extremely large and diverse, including aircraft from Russia, the US, and Korea or Brazil.

The most numerous of the Indonesian fighters are the F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters, with a total of 33 aircraft. The current Indonesian F-16s include four versions of A/B /C/D, and are continuing to be upgraded.

In terms of armored forces, Indonesia is currently the only country in Southeast Asia capable of building tanks. The country’s domestic medium tank model, the Harimau, is a product of cooperation between Indonesia and Turkey.

Indonesian F-16 Fighting Falcon
Indonesian F-16 Fighting Falcon

Indonesia owns more than 100 German-made Leopard 2 tanks. Leopard 2 version that Indonesia owns including Leopard 2A4+ and Leopard 2RI, with the number 42 and 61 respectively. Indonesia also owns a variety of Russian-made armored vehicles, even the famous once British Scorpion light tank.

In terms of armored force alone, Indonesia ranked only 46th in the world. However, the territory of this country is very unique, there are not too much room for tanks to display its power. Naval forces are the core of the country’s military. In terms of number, the 282 warships and support ships make Indonesia the country with the 10th largest number of warships in the world.

The potential for Indonesian naval power comes from their excellent technological self-mastery. This country already has the ability to assemble submarines and frigates on their own. They can build large patrol boats. Given the current geography of Indonesia, increasing the equipment of patrol and landing ships is even more important than the introduction of aircraft carriers or destroyers.

Surprisingly, Indonesia’s defense budget is only $9.2 billion, equivalent to 0.7% of the country’s GDP. This budget can be considered as small compared to the size of the Indonesian military. This proves the effectiveness of the country’s financial governance.


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