Russian Su-57 is better than the US F-22 and surpasses the Chinese J-20 in maneuverability

Building on the best of the Russian aerospace industry, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the Su-57 will significantly improve the combat capabilities of the Russian Air Force. It is expected to replace fourth generation aircraft such as the MiG-29 and Su-27.

At supersonic cruise speeds, the stealth fighter Su-57 has a range of more than 1,500 km, more than twice that of the Su-27. However, the engine developed specifically for the Su-57, the “Izdeliye 30”, is still incomplete, so the Su-57 still uses either 117S or AL-41F1 turbofan engines with thrust vectoring.


Due to its excellent aerodynamic layout, the Su-57 can cruise at supersonic up to Mach 1.6 without afterburner. The range can reach 3,500 km when cruising at subsonic speeds. Materials for the Su-57 fighter mainly made of composite materials, which significantly reduces the total weight. The wings and fuselage were harmoniously blended, combining the purpose of interceptors and attack aircraft.

Unlike the Chinese J-20, the Su-57 uses a thrust vector engine, significantly increasing maneuverability. Its thrust vectoring is also considered to be better than that of the American F-22. With high maneuverability and supersonic cruise capabilities, the Su-57 is expected to have an advantage in close combat with other 5th generation aircraft, especially the US F-35 fighter.

For air-to-air combat, the Su-57 is expected to carry four beyond-visual-range missiles in its two main weapons bays and two short-range missiles in the wing root weapons bays. With the internal weapon bays, of course it wouldn’t be possible to carry as many weapons on external hard points like 4th generation fighters, but it makes the aircraft stealthy.

Advanced avionics are also incorporated in the Su-57. With high automatic control and an artificial intelligence system, will help reduce the pilot’s workload, allowing him to focus on combat missions.


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