Vietnam captured many spoils after the war with the Americans and their allies. Many of them have been used effectively on the Cambodian battlefield.

After 1975, Vietnam also captured a number of C-130 heavy transport aircraft. This is a strategic transport aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of up to 70 tons. They served logistics during the years when Vietnamese volunteers were stationed in the Cambodian battlefield. In total, Vietnam owned about 7 C-130 transport aircraft after 1975, and to this day it is still the largest transport aircraft Vietnam ever owned.

On the list of Vietnamese spoils are the CH-47 Chinook heavy transport helicopters. The People’s Air Force of Vietnam operated 5 CH-47s, and so far all of them have retired.

Vietnamese M113
Vietnamese M113

The UH-1 helicopter was the most used by the US and its allies during the Vietnam War. They were among the most captured by Vietnam. The UH-1 was very suitable for the later Cambodian battlefield. It not only served for the loading but also had very good fire support capabilities. The Vietnam People’s Air Force’s UH-1 helicopters were equipped with a 6-barrel machine gun and rocket pods according to the standards used by the US during the Vietnam War.

Regarding armored vehicles, Vietnam captured a number of M48 Patton tanks, and were also used on the Cambodian battlefield. According to the documents, the M-48 Patton tanks were often used only for guard duty and as a reserve force.

The most popular type of armored vehicle used by the US in Vietnam is the M113 armored personnel carrier. Vietnam also used a large number of these armor on the Cambodian battlefield with extremely good efficiency. Up to now, M113 continues to be in service with the Vietnamese army. These were considered the most valuable spoils. As of early 1975, in the payroll of the Saigon army, there were about 1,500 M113 units. After the victory in 1975, hundreds of vehicles were put into service with the Vietnamese armored force. In which many vehicles were still in good working condition.

The M113s entered the battle with great efficiency in the southwestern border war in 1977-1979. At times it even overwhelmed the role of other armored vehicles made by the Soviet Union and China. Thanks to M113, the Vietnam People’s Army quickly gained an overwhelming advantage over the Khmer Rouge. Currently, the M113 is still the key force in the Vietnamese armored army.


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