Israeli media has just published images, recording the moment the pilots and aircraft of the Israeli Air Force prepare to carry out a bombing mission into the Gaza Strip.

Through these close-up and clear images, it can be seen that the type of bomb that the Israeli Army uses the most, is the GBU-31 and GBU-38 bombs.

In addition, it can also be seen that the F-15 heavy fighter is also used by the Israeli side to participate in airstrikes and attack enemy targets. Since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalated, local media reported that there have been at least three types of aircraft used by Israel in recent bombing raids.

The most used aircraft are the F-15 fighters, including the F-15C and F-15I versions. In which the F-15I version is equipped with software developed by Israel itself. In addition, F-16D fighters are also used in air raids with high efficiency.

Because the targets of these airstrikes are located at such a close distance, Israeli warplanes only need to carry weapons, absolutely no need to carry extra fuel tanks. The air defense capabilities of Hamas forces are also not appreciated, Israeli planes can freely enter and exit, bombarding freely.

Both GBU-31 and GBU-38 bombs are classified by the US as “Joint Direct Attack Munition” or JDAM. These were initially unguided “dumb bombs”, then fitted with outer wings and are guided by an integrated inertial guidance system coupled to a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, to increase accuracy.

This weapon has been used in great numbers by the United States since the Gulf War, and continues to be used widely around the world today. One of the extremely valuable features of the JDAM guidance kit is that it is very low cost, can be compatible with old bombs, to turn it into smart bombs.


  1. The M346 Master can carry up to 3 tons payload…
    I don’t even think more is needed, a fully loaded F-16 carries more than a WW2 B-17 while F-15E/I carries more than a B-29.
    A 500lb JDAM already levels a house, a 2000lbs one leaves a 30m large, 12m deep crater.
    Israel makes its own JDAM named ‘Spice’ and guess what?
    Most of the Israeli drops on Hamas are not bombs loaded with explosives at all! Most are filled with concrete to avoid collateral damages!
    When you see a huge building collapsing, killing dozens-hundreds, it’s because Hamas brasses all live in the middle of civilians and they actually rig the building with explosives!
    Hamas uses its own public as human shields, when IDF gets one master terrorist, you may only be 3-5m away and be unharmed. With Hamas rigging, many will die so Hamas can accuse IDF as war criminals with the help of wide spread antisemitic propaganda (far right in the west helps a lot) or artists that get deceived into supporting bogus causes…
    Since 1964, PLO alone bears the responsiblity for the death of thrice as many Arabs as Israel since 1948, and the biggest of Israeli-induced Arab deaths were regular militaries killed when unprovoked Arab countries started illegal wars on Israel.
    C’mon, Hamas will fire hundreds of rockets within hours, then pose as victims when IDF strikes back! What a joke!
    If Andorra was doing so on Spain or France, or Luxembourg on France or Germany, these countries would cease to exist within days if not hours, they’d get fully invaded and all their forces neutralised and everybody would see this as a normal fact!

    BTW… The son of Hamas leader sheikh Yousef has turned pacifist and told the truth in front of the UNHRC (Human Rights Commission)
    UNHRC has became UN’s shame : all worse dictatorships and authoritarian states got seats here and team together to cover up their crimes and guess what? On ANY meeting, Israel is bashed by design, at the point the UNHRC took more resolutions against Israel than against all planet’s human right violations.
    If all this wasn’t Goebbels-like BIG LIE, there’d be no Fakestinian left, I say Fakestinian since this “people” was invented during the 60’s, especially after Arabs understood they cannot annihilate Israel by military needs. Most of the founding Big-Lie was cooked by the KGB!
    Just dig this : in 1970, Gaza population was 300k. Today, it’s over 2 millions.
    In Oct.1940, the Warsaw Ghetto’s population was 400k. By April-May 1943, it was population zero…
    Oh, BTW, in 1918, in what is now Israel, incl. the Arab-occupied territories of Judea-Samaria (west bank) and Gaza, there were only 15,000 Arabs, half of them not even being born there!!!
    Now try to explain how they grew to 7.5 millions (2.3M Arab-Israeli included) within a century? AFAIK, humans don’t reproduce as fast as rabbits, not even as fast as pigs!
    Hamas minister Fathi Hamad once even publicly said, on Hamas TV, where Palestinians in Gaza came from! They’re near all from Egypt or Saudi-Arabia!!!
    Yasser Arafat himself was an Egyptian citizen, and wife+daughter are French thus decided to move to Tunisia (and later Malta) when French IRS questionned their sources of revenues, living in 5 stars hotels spending an average $70,000 a day (!) Araft is said having embezzled $9-11 billions of “help” to the Palestinian people.
    Mahmoud Abbas owns $1.5-2bn, but both his sons each received about $200M to establish their businesses in the Emirates.
    Hamas leaders wealth? Mashal : $2.3-2.5bn, lives in Qatar. Abu Marzook : $3.6bn, lives in Egypt. Hanniyeh : $3.7-4bn…
    Go figure how these dudes who barely never worked during their lives, each became richer than the richest of the Rothschilds’

    You surely know that under intl. law of war, there are protected areas like schools, hospitals, worship places, but just put a single sniper on the roof, protection is void, it becomes a military base.
    Therefore, you also don’t have the right to set up a military HQ in such places.
    IDF knows well where Hamas HQ is : it’s into the bunker built under Gaza’s hospital. IDF knows this well : Israel built this bunker… Hamas also hides its arms depots into schools and mosques.
    So, under Hague Convention, levelling Gaza hospital is absolutely legitimate and would solve a lot of Hamas’ terrorism issues…
    But you’ll have all hypocrites calling IDF criminals while Hamas is doing the war crime by hiding its military HQ in a hospital, as well as by deliberately launching rockets against civilians in Israel or using human shields.
    BTW, people are not locked into Gaza! Tens of thousands go to work into Israel every day… Those locked into Gaza are those willing to bring weapons into Israel as they’re searched at the border’s checkpoints…
    Fathi Hamad also declared that Hamas made death an industry…
    How so?
    On black market, a liver sells for $80k, a lung for $20k and an eye for $3-4k… Organ harvesting is great business in Gaza.


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