The T-90S tank is currently considered one of the most advanced main battle tanks in the world, especially in the firepower and aiming assist system.

According to the advertisement published by the manufacturer, the fire control system of the T-90S main battle tank is capable of hitting enemies at a maximum range of 5 km. Even when the T-90S is moving at a speed of up to 30 km/h, its ability to destroy the target is not reduced. The commander’s sitting position is equipped with many modern targeting systems and equipment.

One of the most important fire control systems of the T-90 tank is the thermal imaging system. In early versions, T-90 tanks were equipped with the TO1-KO1 BURAN sight system. From T-90S onwards, the ESSA thermal imaging sight system has been used instead. This new system allows the T-90S to calculate the angle of fire to targets at a maximum range of 8,000 meters.

Aiming System and Firepower on the T-90S Tank
Aiming System and Firepower on the T-90S Tank

The gunner is also equipped with a 1G46 day sighting system. This is a multi-channel system, which includes a laser range finder, missile guidance channel and allows tank-sized targets to be detected and engaged at 5 to 8 kilometres.

Similar to the main battle tanks of Russia today, the T-90S is also equipped with an automatic loading system. The system has 22 rounds available in the magazine and can be replaced every 8 seconds.

The loading system on the T-90 tank has been greatly improved to be compatible with new types of ammunition, such as the 3BM-44M – a counterweight of the US M829A3 ammunition with shorter in size, better armor penetration.

The T-90S tank has a special system – the Ainet fuse setting system – which allows the tank to detonate 3OF26 HE-FRAG rounds at a specific distance from the tank as determined by the gunners laser rangefinder, improving its performance against helicopters and infantry. Accurate firing range of the HE-Frag-FS 10 km, APFSDS 4 km.


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