Topping the list is still the US Navy, with the largest fleet of warships in the world

The most iconic weapon in the US Navy’s fleet are the carrier strike groups. The US carrier USS Gerald Ford is currently the only supercarrier in the world with an integrated Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System. The US Navy currently deploys 11 supercarriers and nine amphibious assault ships – warships over 40,000 tons that can act as midsize carriers, deploying up to 20 fighters like the F- 35B and Harrier II.

The US destroyer fleet is increasingly being challenged by competitors, such as South Korea’s Sejong and China’s Type 055. The American destroyers are supported by the Ticonderoga Class cruisers, old but they were the most heavily armed surface ships of the West at sea.

The US submarine fleet is also extremely powerful, with nearly 70 active boats, all equipped with nuclear power, including 18 Ohio-class submarines, specifically designed for strategic nuclear warfare.

Second place is the Chinese Navy. It is the fastest growing navy in the history of the world. It is predicted that by 2030 China will be a rival on par with the US at sea. Unlike the US, however, China concentrates the majority of its forces on a single front in Northeast Asia. China’s fleet currently has more than 50 destroyers, the most powerful being the Type 055 destroyer class, considered the most capable surface warships today.

While China’s surface warfare fleet is a standout, its fleet of submarines and aircraft carriers is currently underestimated. However, China is actively building more aircraft carriers and its ambition is to have seven by 2025.

Third is Russia. The fact that the power of Russia’s surface fleet has ceased to be a great power since the fall of the Soviet Union. The loss of shipyards in Ukraine made the Russian Navy only able to produce frigates, and today Russia’s modest fleet consists of only 13 destroyers and nine cruisers.

Russia’s only aircraft carrier is Admiral Kuznetsov, with a difficult history. Despite being equipped with formidable fighters, the ship has not yet scheduled a return to the ocean. The Russian Navy is expected to switch to a new type of supercarrier, which will be produced in the future.


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