With its current state, Pakistan is only relying on Chinese weapons to modernize its military.

In 1998, India tested six nuclear bombs within three days. Nearly three weeks later, Pakistan ran a similar test schedule, with five bombs in one day and the sixth one three days later. This action by both India and Pakistan was condemned by the world; The US immediately imposed arms embargoes on both India and Pakistan.

Taking advantage of the fragmented relationship between the United States and Pakistan, China provided Pakistan with a great deal of military weapons and equipment, and in return, the Pakistani Army bought many Chinese weapons.

Both Pakistan and India were once within a country and a British colony
Both Pakistan and India were once within a country and a British colony

One of the outstanding military cooperation achievements between China and Pakistan is the JF-17 light fighter. In addition to equipment for the Pakistani Air Force, this aircraft is also aimed at the export market.

Because of the strong relationship between Pakistan and China, the US is concerned that its military technologies could be secretly transferred to China by Pakistan. The US concern is valid, since Pakistan had previously delivered a Tomahawk missile (which was crashed in Pakistani territory during the US war with Afghanistan in 2001) and a Black Hawk helicopter (crashed during the US special forces destroying terrorist boss Osama bin Laden), for the Chinese side.

Even Russia is not ready to supply modern weapons to Pakistan, as India has always been a non-treaty “ally” of the Soviet Union and Russia. Most of the Indian Army’s current weapons originate from the Soviet Union and Russia.

It was the Indian arms market that saved the Russian defense industry from collapsing after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Just recently, as tensions have escalated between China and India, India has spent billions on buying Russian weapons including fighters, mobile air defense missiles, radar, etc.


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