Ukraine’s total counter-offensive after receiving a large number of self-propelled artillery pieces from Britain is a prediction being made by the Western press.

The self-propelled gun in question is AS90. The British Army is expected to provide Ukrainian soldiers with 10% of their total self-propelled artillery. This number of weapons is considered to be enough for Kyiv to launch a general counterattack.

The British Prime Minister’s office recently announced that Boris Johnson had a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to discuss a number of developments around the raging conflict.

British Prime Minister Johnson then announced his decision to provide a new military aid package to Ukraine, including 10 self-propelled artillery batteries and suicide drones. The type and quantity were not disclosed.

Ten self-propelled artillery systems are actually close to two full-fledged artillery batteries. Two options may be included regarding the self-propelled howitzers the UK plans to deliver to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The most likely possibility is that London will supply Ukraine with the 155 mm AS90, which is the only self-propelled gun used in the combat component of the British Royal Army.

Moreover, the media had previously reported that London was preparing to transfer this weapon at the request of the Ukrainian authorities.

If the above assumption is correct, it means that the British army will “share” 10% of its self-propelled artillery with Ukraine. According to Military Balance’s statistics for 2021, the British Army has about 100 AS90 guns.

If receiving AS90, the Ukrainian Army will be very convenient in technical work, because they are operating Krab self-propelled artillery provided by Poland. This weapon complex is similar to AS90.

Another option is 10 M109 self-propelled howitzers, which were purchased from a private Belgian company in mid-June 2022.

Defense Minister Ben Wallace directly said that Britain bought these self-propelled guns for repair and modernization, and then handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

If receiving the self-propelled artillery M109 Paladin, the Ukrainian Army will not have any difficulty operating the weapon. Ukrainian soldiers have had a history of fighting on Norwegian-aided M109A3 systems a little while ago.

Not even ruling out the possibility that Ukraine will receive both types of self-propelled artillery above. According to assessments from Western military experts, NATO will provide Ukraine with enough weapons to create a balance with Russia on the battlefield.

With a large number of NATO-standard 155 mm self-propelled howitzers that Ukraine has recently received, such as CAESAR, M109A3, Krab, Dana-M2, PzH 2000, their ability to provide battlefield firepower has increased beyond step.

Although still completely overwhelmed by Russia in number, the NATO-standard self-propelled artillery in the hands of Ukrainian soldiers has the advantage of superior accuracy and range thanks to specialized ammunition.

When receiving enough hundreds of self-propelled guns and 155 mm NATO-standard towed artillery, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are likely to launch a counter-attack on the entire front when Russia’s power advantage shrinks.


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