The ability to deploy wheeled combat vehicles by military transport aircraft is one of the main reasons why these vehicles are used, developed and served by many armies around the world

In modern armed conflicts, it is necessary to quickly bring military equipment to the area of ​​a conflict, and the military has come to a sensible decision: light armored vehicles such as Armoured personnel carriers, Infantry fighting vehicles and wheeled combat vehicles will be brought to battlefield first.

Light armored vehicles, including wheeled combat vehicles, will function as a highly mobile combat unit to support ground forces. Wheel armored vehicles have a higher travel speed compared to tracked vehicles, which gives the advantage of maneuverability and speed, with much less harm to the road surface.

Wheeled Combat Vehicles
Wheeled Combat Vehicles

The downside of the wheeled tank, though, is its poor off-roading capabilities. Such vehicles travel very quickly on asphalt and dirt roads, but on rough terrain they immediately lose to track armored vehicles. Another downside is the poor level of self-protection. The wheeled tank is light, mainly because the armor is thin and weak, which means both advantages and disadvantages.

Wheel armored vehicles cannot be used in combat like the MBT, nor are they suitable against the MBT, it is more suitable for the role of destroying light armored vehicles. This combat vehicle is more suitable in areas where the main battle tank cannot be deployed and large-scale military operations are not performed, it is more suitable for urban combat.

In actual use of the wheeled combat vehicle in the world, its downsides were noted – the wheelbase did not turn out to have any particular advantage over a tracked vehicle. In addition, speed is not necessarily an advantage due to the lack of good road, and when used on off-road, its weaknesses are more evident. In addition, tire wear while driving on complex terrain is much higher than expected.


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