Wing Loong II, codenamed GJ-2, is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group.

Low cost and willing to cooperate with countries that the West does not want to trade, China has been stepping up research into military aircraft in the hope of gaining market share from the US and Israel. In the field of UAVs, the Wing Loong II is a formidable name. According to Global Times, the 50th Wing Loong IIs was delivered at the end of 2020, showing China’s high-end drone products are fully suitable for the international market.

Wing Loong II, codenamed GJ-2, is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group. It was built as an airborne reconnaissance and precision strike platform. The Wing Loong II was first introduced at the China Airshow in Beijing in September 2015. It is said to have a long-range strike capability with satellite link.

Wing Loong II
Wing Loong II

Essentially, the Wing Loong II is an enlarged version of the Wing Loong I, with a longer fuselage and wider wingspan. The Chinese UAV has a length of 11 m, a wingspan of 20.5 m, a height of 4.1 m, and a maximum take-off weight of 4.2 tons. Compared with Wing Loong I, the Wing Loong II has an optimized aerodynamic design, an improved airframe and upgraded airborne systems, featuring better capabilities in terms of flight, payload and information capacity.

Wing Loong II has a monoplane slender fuselage and empennage with a prominent V-tail and ventral fin. The landing gear consists of two main wheels under the fuselage and one single wheel under the nose, facilitates safe take-off and landing. Each wing incorporates three underwing hardpoints able to carry bombs, rockets or air-to-surface missiles. A satellite communications antenna is mounted on the bulge at the top front surface of the fuselage, offering data transmission between the UAV and the ground control station.

The Wing Loong II is developed primarily for the export market and is remotely controlled by one operator from the mobile ground control station. Compared with the Wing Loong I, the Wing Loong II is aimed at high-end users in the international market as it is equipped with more advanced technologies. More types of advanced Chinese drones, including stealth-capable ones that have made appearances in air shows, could get international customers in the future.


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