The new generation of Russian Checkmate fighter continues to become a hot topic in the international media

Accordingly, what modern customers are most interested in is not its stealth features, but whether the Su-75 can detect enemy stealth fighters. If Russia creates a model that can detect the F-35 at a range of 50km or even 70km, many countries, including the Middle East and India, will be eager to buy it.

Sohu also noted that Israel is currently the only country in the Middle East with the F-35. Currently, many other countries in this region also have enough financial resources to buy the US 5th generation fighter, but it is not easy to buy the US F-35. The UAE has the funds to buy it, but there is no indication it will ask the US for the F-35. Iran has long been concerned about Israel’s F-35s, so if now there is a cheaper and easier to use 5th generation fighter, why not buy it.

new generation of Russian Checkmate fighter
new generation of Russian Checkmate fighter

If Russian designers give Checkmate the ability to detect enemy 5th generation fighters, some countries will even beg Russia to sell them. For example, India will be a big potential customer of the Su-75 if this model can detect Chinese J-20 stealth fighters.

Developed by the United Aviation Corporation of Russia, the Checkmate fighter is a light tactical aircraft (LTA), which is said to possess many advanced features. According to the manufacturer, the Checkmate’s first flight is expected in 2023 and mass production in 2026.

Checkmate is a single-engine, single-seat fighter with a maximum speed of 1.8-2 Mach; The range is 3,000km. Checkmate can carry up to 5 air-to-air missiles. During the presentation, the Checkmate was introduced with RVV-MD, RVV-SD and H-59MK missiles.

Checkmate will be equipped with an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar that can track 30 targets simultaneously; and attack up to 6 targets at once. The manufacturer is planning an UAV version. Accordingly, Checkmate will be equipped with artificial intelligence, acting as a co-pilot. AI on Checkmate will diagnose all onboard systems and assist pilots in some intense combat situations.


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