Most recently, Yoruk 4×4 of Turkey became one of the final bidders in an armored vehicle tender held in Japan.

In a world where military doctrine increasingly emphasizes mobility, Turkey’s Nurol Makina offers customers a choice of Light Armored Vehicles, with the Yoruk 4×4 (or NMS 4×4). It is touted as a versatile and economical solution that can perform a variety of roles, thanks to its inherent flexibility. Yoruk is receiving much attention from global military players.

Most recently, Yoruk 4×4 of Turkey became one of the final bidders in an armored vehicle tender held in Japan. If successful, this will be the first armored vehicle exported from Turkey to Japan. Yörük is 4.90 m long, 2.40 m wide and 2.10 m high. The vehicle can carry a total of 9 people with the front for the driver and commander and the second row for three people. The rear cabin can also accommodate four passengers facing each other.

Yoruk 4x4
Yoruk 4×4

The Yoruk offers mission-specific protection, with a completely modern design. The four-wheel, twin-axle system is featured as its center of gravity, providing excellent ground clearance and off-road performance. As a Light Armored Vehicle, it provides its occupants with protection from small arms fire and shells, allowing it to survive in contested areas. The engine is housed behind a slat-grille panel at the front, and the rear of the vehicle capable of being modified to suit a variety of missions.

The vehicle weighs 8 tons, with a maximum payload of 4 tons. Each side of the vehicle are fitted with two doors including small bulletproof windows in the upper part. There is one additional bulletproof window on each side at the rear part of the troop compartment and to the back side of the hull.

The light armored vehicle is motorized with a 300 HP. diesel engine coupled to an automatic transmission and permanent 4×4. The vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 140 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 700 km.

The Yörük 4×4 is fitted with a remote weapon station located on the roof of the crew compartment which is armed with a 7.62mm machine gun. It can be easily adapted on customer requirements to be used as APC, anti-tank weapon station or cargo vehicle. The countries that already use Nurol Makina’s products include Tunisia, Qatar, Hungary, Uzbekistan and Senegal.


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